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Scrolls from the Master of the Deadly Flapjack

That sounds SO wrong...

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I am the Master of the Darkness and the Forbidden Style known as the "Deadly Flapjack". Laugh all you will. You'll see just how funny it is when you find your middle finger removed by a throwing pancake.
Do not anger me and you will not face my wrath. If you are kind, I shall share my wisdom with you.

A bit about myself. I don't usually talk about this, but what the hell.

I love videogames(I regret I only have one life to waste on them). Due to the influence of a friend, I am a pervert(If you don't like it, deal). I love certain types of anime and manga. Hellsing is a favorite. I am fascinated by Ninjas(If that one is a surprise, you should put that helmet back on). I love zombie movies and Halloween. That's pretty much it.