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Jan. 12th, 2011

Man, it's been forever since I posted here.

No, I'm not dead, and no, I haven't moved on to greener pastures. I've been busy with school, work and kickboxing. |D

I've been roleplaying in a few places. Though, even that's been limited lately.

School has been going well.

So, people on my friends list, with the exception of those that I see on AIM or Gmail or Plurk from time to time. How have you all been doing?

Jun. 17th, 2010

Gawd it's been a while.

Finishing up the last class by next week, then my weeks will be freed up a little more with the exception of working and preparing for the upcoming convention.

Glad to be done with classes till next semester... yay.

Look forward to returning to roleplaying in particular. I've missed it.
It's at this point in the school year I'm thankful that I'm not roleplaying at the moment. Every year(Semester, term, whatever), there is a point where I get stressed and depressed.

Oh woe is me, yay. |DCollapse )

I think that's all my problems of the now in a nutshell... A very large text induced nutshell... But yeah. Feeling better now that I've written that. If only a bit. Time to take a look at my homework and see if I can take a crack at it.
Never quite sure what to make of these things...

Always wonder if I should be worried of it's existence or if I facepalm and reconsider my voting choices for the next time...

Oh my god hair, so short.

Didn't want to spend 20 bucks on a 'short' hair cut, so I had a buzz cut instead... Good lord, so short...

On a different note, Holy shit I didn't think it was possible to rage harder this morning. I might have had a stroke. Twilight fans, you anger me.

Haven't seen The Wolfman myself, and I've kinda heard mixed opinions unfortunately. :/

But holy merciful lord, I almost yelled at this.

A thought regarding 'plagiarism'

This topic has kinda been talked to death all over the internet(4 chan as well, believe it or not).

I'm not going to repeat a lot of it, Nick Simmon's son is very foolish, probably going to get his ass sued hard. Amidst all that, I simply find it amusing.

That aside, I'm reminded of the time that the person behind D. Gray Man has been accused of it as well. I recall seeing a video which showed those moments, and where it was copied from. The video didn't end there, it showed various models and manga where 'positions' of models were copied.

...This is where I think a line needs to be drawn with "What's Plagiarism?". Copying someone's art style and overall appearance(Hair, eyes, yadda yadda, hell, even personality to a small extent). But when we start looking at a person's position...

Let me explain. Say we take JD's trademark position of the head tilt from Scrubs.

And someone replicates the exact position of the head tilt and perhaps even a faint trace of the smile, but otherwise, his appearance is completely different from JD.

This is where I have a problem with this. When we look at positions and say that it's plagiarism, that makes shit all sense. That's like saying you can copyright arch-types, or a certain hair style, you can't do that... Well, if a person can, it's stupid. I don't know enough about copyright laws.

Now, onto my final point, going back to Nick Simmons here. Yes, he obviously traced appearances and style, that's why he's guilty of plagiarism. I do not deny this in the least. I simply wish to address that a person's position of body is not enough reason to claim plagiarism.

Again, not implying Nick is not guilty. It's obvious he did more than that.

Off topic, this game is awesome

Well I'm in for a beating apparently.


In my defense, I didn't think I would get beaten for not letting you people know in advance. >_>
Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See pancake_ninja's results.Collapse )

Questions didn't turn out that funny. :/


Right, it's 4 in the morning... I work in 6 hours from now. and I feel like I should get some more sleep since I passed out at Midnight.

Cept I can't... I don't know why. -_-

Today is going to be a lovely day.

EDIT: Ok, today was alright. Long as hell though. Morning shifts can bite me.

Dec. 12th, 2009

Ugh.. damn you candy. You make me ill...

I went... Christmas shopping (My bank account hurts. XD) today. Which involved a trip to a number of places, Zellers, Hallmark, Blockbuster and EB games. Now... Twas an interesting trip when I got down to Blockbuster.

I'm sorry, does all the interesting and bad sides of humanity show more prominent during Christmas season?

Another blockbuster story.. I'm really glad I don't work there. |D

Ok, soooo. I'm down there, and the first thing I notice is the manager(I'm on friendly acquaintance basis with these people, by the way) is having a talk with someone, who I assume they suspect was shoplifting, yeah. The guy claims innocence and shows the contents of his pack, so they leave him be for now. Though not without him giving them crap for suspecting...

I go about my business, looking for The Lost World for nostalgia. When I get up to the clerk, he finishes up with a guy who goes through the scanner that goes off, and continues regardless. The manager follows him out, and eventually comes back. He ran off apparently. So thief number one for the day. Yup, there's more.

That last guy, who was bitching about being accused of shoplifting? He goes through just as I'm packing up the DVD I rented. Now, I'm fumbling next to the scanners, putting away the DVD when it goes off. I feel stupid for not grabbing that son of a bitch, but the instinct to not get involved was kicking in and he says it wasn't him and runs off. I also hesitated, cause I was shopping, and shopping at stores before going to blockbuster or anywhere else usually fucks with the scanners.

Turns out it wasn't me setting them off. That guy did snatch something... So they got shoplifted twice... in fifteen minutes. Heh..

As I'm leaving, I see the guy across the road and yell at him. "It's not paranoia if you're actually stealing something!" Really wish I have more of a backbone to actually take him down, but I am somewhat fearful of the homeless thieves.

tl;dr Shit happened, I didn't grab the fucker, blah blah... Gawd I feel ill.